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Allied Product Solutions

Industry Focused Products That Provide Solutions for the Most Demanding Situations

Nationwide Provider of Conveyor Belts and LED Lighting

Allied Product Solutions is proud to be your nationwide provider for your industrial needs including long-lasting conveyor belts, conveyor components, high-quality LED lights, lighting accessories, and more. Having a sales team that has over 30 years of experience in industrial automation helps you find what you are looking for at a low cost. Being based in Atlanta we have worked hard to provide high quality service in the southeast as well as across the USA.  We strive to help you get the best quality products you want for the solutions you need. We can’t wait to show you why you can put your trust in the team at Allied Product Solutions for your business.

Conveyor Belts
Belt Fabrication & Specialty Belts
Commercial & Industrial LEDs
Additional Industrial Products

Across-the-board Conveyor Belt Sales

If you have an industrial company that uses conveyor belts, we don’t have to tell you how complicated it can be to find quality-made belts and belt accessories that are built to fit your unique manufacturing needs. Belts these days are highly specialized to fit specific manufacturing processes and it’s become harder to find a source of well-made belts to fit your unique needs.
Conveyor belts get heavy use with most manufacturing processes and tend to wear out fast. You need a source of high-quality conveyor belts that has your needs in mind. When you do business with us, you can have faith in our ability to supply you with replacement conveyor belts right when you need them. Do you have the correct belt for your process? Put our years of industrial automation experience to work for you.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is another area in which our clients nationwide trust us deeply. We could go on all day about the benefits of outfitting your commercial buildings and manufacturing areas with LED lighting to save energy, but we’ll just give you the highlights.

High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting is far inferior to LED lighting. LED lighting is considered the gold standard in industrial lighting, and after hearing the facts, the reasons are not surprising:

  • HID lights consume energy at a far higher rate than LEDs.
  • HID lights need time to warm up while LED fixtures come on instantly.
  • HID lights are known for their variations in color from lamp to lamp and these variations tend to get worse over time.
  • HID light bulbs need to be replaced at a much higher rate than LED bulbs.
  • HID lights you need more fixtures to light up a room where as LEDs you may only need about half the amount of lights for the same space.

With one call to Allied Product Solutions, we can be at your facility completing a full lighting energy audit to show you the real difference that your outdated lighting system is making for your business, and how we can change that. The fact is that the cost of outfitting your buildings with LED lighting, sensors, and other accessories can pay for itself in terms of lower energy costs. With long-lasting, high-quality lights in your facility will also reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your lights operating as they should.

Allied Product Solutions


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