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Fabrication Expertise

In today’s market being able to have access to a high-quality belt fabrication services is essential for maintaining productivity. Most of the machines used now have become so specialized that they require very specific belts to keep them running. So, when your belt wears down it is critical for companies to find qualified manufacturers who can supply them quickly. At Allied Product Solutions we supply custom conveyor belts to meet a versatile range of needs, adhering to the highest standards to ensure that each belt is safe, efficient, and durable.

Types of Specialty Belts and Their Uses

  • Dewatering and Filter Belts: Commonly used in the process of making drinks such as wine, cider, and juice, these belts allow for easy separating of solids and liquids during processing.
  • Weigh Feeder Belts: These belts are widely used in the coal industry, as well as in plastics, ore, and mineral processing.
  • Abrasive Belts: Used for tasks that require fine grinding, these highly abrasive belts need to be designed very precisely to do their job right.
  • Sidewall Belts: The sidewall belt is widely used in industrial applications because of its versatility, which allows for easy processing of everything from light-weight powders to heavy materials being elevated or transferred to avoid spillage.
  • Blast Belts: If processing requires blasting to get rid of rough edges or debris, our fabricated blast belts can help to ensure that the removal process stays precise and efficient.
  • Endless Belts: Many industrial applications require endless belts, which make it easy and efficient to process everything from food to furniture pieces without being exposed to the downside of metal belt lacing.

Accessories and End Preparations

  • Belt Lacers
  • Belts Vulcanizers
  • Belt Fasteners
  • Cleated (Flighted) belting
  • Laced belts
  • V-Guided belts
  • Perforated belts
  • Prepared Ends belts


Conveyor Belt Replacements

If you’ve used conveyor belts in your industry before, you know as well as we do that heavy use industrial equipment tends to wear out fast because of the daily wear and high friction it experiences. That’s why you need a source of high-quality replacement belts to reduce machine downtime and keep your business running at its most efficient level.

Why Choose Us?

At Allied Product Solutions, we offer belts to meet all applications in commercial and industrial settings. We do not mind taking the time in helping our customers find the best and most practical solutions for their equipment needs, and that includes making specialty conveyor belts when necessary. In addition to custom-made belts, we can provide your company with replacement and backup belts whenever you need them. Every belt we supply is made in keeping with all relevant regulations for what the belt is being used.

To Learn More, Call Allied Product Solutions Today