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Some of Our Products & Finished Work

When you need industrial conveyor belt parts, LED lighting equipment, and everything in between, you need a company that understands your needs and has a full selection of quality-made parts ready for you to look at, making it easy to see your options and choose the products that will best fit your industrial facility and your bottom line.

In this before and after one of our downtown building owners in Atlanta hired us to improve the lighting visibility for their clients in the parking deck. We also reduced his fixture count by a third which reduced his power consumption in the parking deck by more than 50%. With the increased visibility after the LED conversion the safety concerns have been greatly reduced along with fewer accident opportunities that are common in poorly lit parking decks.

Here is a before and after of a hallway that we finished with LEDs. In the before pictures the lights made the hallway look either yellow or dark as if the lights were out. In the office hallway there were six fixtures before the conversion and after the conversion there are three. The hallway is much clearer and not dark or poorly lit as in the before picture shows. You can see all the way to the end of the hall and the walls are crisp and white and not full of shadows and darkness.

Here is an example of a boardroom where the lighting in the before picture was very dark even with the light from the windows. In the after pictures you can even see the types of items are on the shelves. all we did was change the spot lights from 100 watt can lights to 40 watt LED spot lights. We also used the same cans and were able to increase the rooms light levels without the customer having to buy new fixtures.

Here we have a warehouse that has HID lights with natural lighting in the before and LED Lights with Natural light in the after. In the before you can see that the lighting of the HID are all different shades of color causing poor lighting conditions. This is very common with HIDs and causes reduced visibility especially when trying to compare colors of art work like this factory does. In the after picture you can see that lighting quality is better and more natural. Like in the other photos there are fewer LED fixtures then there are of the HID and the warehouse is now more visible then it was before.

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