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Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial lighting solutions.

Your Nationwide Source for Commercial and Industrial LEDs

Lighting is a huge factor in every work environment from warehouses to offices to even parking lots. Proper light removes the opportunity for errors on production lines. Removing errors due to poor lighting saves money on having to remake or rework products that were not made properly. Removing dull yellow fluorescent lighting and blinking ballasts will increase productivity. A space that is bright and clean is always a better environment than a space that is dark and dingy. Just by putting in new lights you will see how many people thank you just for that small improvement. Then you will see for yourself the difference proper lighting can make for your work environment. With lighting being crucial to every company, Allied Product Solutions can help you identify your inefficiencies and convert your lighting to cutting-edge energy-efficient LED technology.

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Why LED is better?

In the past, high-intensity discharge (HID) light bulbs were used in industrial and commercial settings because they were thought to be the most effective for lighting large spaces. In recent years, many companies are switching to LEDs for many reasons.

While HID lamps are less expensive up front, LED bulbs require less maintenance, so they offer increased value in the long run.
HID lamps are known for inconsistencies in color from lamp to lamp, producing unappealing hues. LED lamps always produce the same color light.

HID bulbs are extremely fragile, meaning that they can be damaged by handling or harsh weather. LED bulbs are durable and can stand up to moisture and force without breaking.

HID bulbs have a high rate of lumen depreciation, meaning that the quality of their light decreases as they get old, while LED bulbs are long-lasting, and the rate of lumen does not change even when the bulb is going to go out.

LED bulbs are rated much higher in terms of energy efficiency than HID fixtures.

On average LED bulbs can last twice the time as HID bulbs.

HID bulbs take a while to warm up and turn on, while LED fixtures turn on instantly, even in cold conditions.

Another benefit with the LEDs over HID and other conventional lighting fixtures is most of the time when you replace with LED you only need half or close to half of the fixtures you needed before.

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Lighting solutions we provide:

Warehouse and factory lighting: When you need large banks of lights to produce bright, high-quality illumination for workspaces, we offer hi-bay lighting in both round and linear profiles. We also offer high lumen output fixtures and Chip-on-Board fixtures for maximum control and illumination.

Wall packs, poles lights, and exterior lights: Exterior lights are another area where we shine, so to speak. We sell flush mountsfixtures, floods, spotlights, shoebox (parking) lights, and more.

LED strip lights: Our strip lights are a great choice for efficient interior and exterior lighting, typically used for accent lighting.

Vapor Tight LEDs and Hi-Bays: Interior and Exterior lighting options should be resistant to moisture in certain cases. With our Vapor Tight lights, you won’t have to worry about wet conditions and moisture leading to light failure

Warehouse interior
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Custom lighting

Keeping our clients operating at peak energy efficiency is one of our highest priorities. Call Allied Product Solutions, and we will come to wherever you are and perform a lighting audit, where we will walk through your indoor and outdoor workspaces and tell you where a change in lighting can help lower your energy costs and improve the work environment for employees and production processes.

After that, we will help you retrofit your facilities and outdoor spaces with high-quality, long-lasting LED lights, control accessories, and custom solutions to help save you money.

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