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Selling Industrial Conveyor Belts,

LED Lights, & Accessories Nationwide

At Allied Product Solutions our mission is to be your one-stop shop for all your industrial conveyor equipment, LED lighting, and other accessories needs. If you are need of industrial conveyor belts, LED lights, or everything in between then you need a company the understands what you are looking for. With a full selection of quality-made parts read for you to evaluate makes it easy to see your options and choose the products that readily fits your industrial facility. Call Allied Product solutions today and see why we’ve been a top choice nationwide for the products we sell!

Conveyor Belt

Here at Allied Product Solutions we have a very wide selection of belts available that are highly specialized to meet requirements for various processes or needs your company may have. Belts for certain products and processes need to be produced for specialized applications correctly. Also, belts meant to handle the production and processing of food, drugs, and agricultural products often need to comply with specified belt material as set by regulatory bodies like the FDA, EPA and USDA.

Industrial conveyor belts and equipment can wear out fast. When this happens, your business can sustain heavy losses if your manufacturing process goes down until adequate replacements parts are found. With Allied Product Solutions as your resource for replacement belts you can have quality-made and long-lasting conveyor belts at your connivance to quickly get your business back to up and running.

Here are some of the belts we offer for your every industrial needs:

  • PVC belting
  • Polyurethane belting
  • Teflon Costed Fiberglass belting
  • Rubber belting
  • Food belting
  • Bakery belting
  • Tobacco belting
  • Mono-filament belting
  • High temp belting
  • Plastic modular belting
  • Metal belting
  • Hay baler conveyor belting
  • Sod harvester belting
  • Cotton belting
  • Belting for sand, gravel, and concrete
  • And more!! Look on the Conveyor Belt page for a more detailed list.

Commercial & Industrial LEDs

There are several reasons why your commercial or industrial business should switch from HID lighting to LED. One of them being the enormous savings in energy you will get with LED lighting systems. You will also realize increased employee visibility and safety in your warehouse, offices, or any other type of facility. We sell indoor and outdoor lighting for all areas of your business, including security lights for the exterior of buildings and parking lots. Hi-bay lighting to efficiently illuminate every corner of your facility without wasting energy and saving the company money.

Belt Fabrication & Specialty Belts

Maintaining productivity and efficiency in many current industries depends on installing and maintaining quality industrial belts. You need a qualified manufacturer that can supply highly specialized good quality belts that meet your requirements and enhance your operation. We have the solution to all your belt needs. We specialize in the production of a wide range of custom belts, tailored to your requests up to the highest standards of efficiency and safety. In any industry and any belt application with belt challenges, we can select a belt solution for you by contacting us today.


We work with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) and many other plastics to fabricate some of the strongest plastic equipment on the market. These plastic materials also include:

  • UMHW rods, bars, and sheets
  • Ultra-wide UMHW rolls used for conveyors and truck liners
  • Profiles, grids, shapes, nylon, phenolic, clear polycarbonate, Lexan, acrylic, acetyl, Delran

Additional Industrial Products

In addition to conveyor belts, LEDs, and Plastic we also sell a wide range of different accessories for industrial machinery. Whether you need O-rings, flexible duct hose, or pulleys we offer a wide selection of accessories to choose from. Here at Allied Product Solutions we know that even the smallest part on a machine malfunctioning can be the biggest problem. Therefore, we strive to have a large selection to choose from to make sure it is easier for you to find the basic or even uncommon parts you need.

To Learn More, Call Allied Product Solutions Today