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Technical Data
Technical Data

Technical Data

Recycling and Waste Management
Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and Waste Management

Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion

Food Applications
Food Applications

Food Applications

Van Gorp Conveyor Components
Van Gorp Conveyor Components

Van Gorp Conveyor Components





Industries & Applications

Recycling Industry

  • Eddy Current
  • Optical Sorters
  • Commingle & In-Feed
  • Magnetic Separator

Aluminum Extrusion, Glass Manufacturing & Other High Temp Applications

  • Truly Endless Needled Kevlar Belts
  • Woven Kevlar & Nomex Belts on Timing Belt Base
  • Kevlar & Kevlar/Carbon Rollers
  • Woven FK Glass Belts

Corrugated Box

  • Folding Rail, Lacer, Live Roller, Sheeter
  • Vacuum & Scrap

Textile Processing & Printing

  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Packing Table & Packaging Machine
  • Guillotines & Turntables
  • Extruder & Depositor Belt

Stone, Marble & Granite Processing

  • Edge Polishing Machine
  • Slab Surface Polisher Machine
  • Drive Belts for Block Cutting Saws
  • Tile Manufacturing

Printing, Paper & Postal / Paper Board Converting

  • Machine Tapes & Folder Gluer Belts
  • Power Transmission Belts
  • Understackers, Downstsckers
  • Counter Ejectors & Folding Rail

Tobacco Processing – Atoxic Approved Tobacco Belts

  • Primary & Secondary Leaf Processing
  • High Abrasion, Humidity & Heat Resistant
  • Incline & Horizontal Conveying Belts
  • Belts in Polyolefin & Hytrel

Wood Industry

  • Particle Board Manufacturing
  • Wide Belts – Wood Sanding Belts
  • Varnishing Booth Belts in TPO
  • Stacker Belts

Airports – ISO340 Approved, Fire Retardant, Low Noise, Self-Extinguishing Belts

  • Baggage Handling Belts
  • Incline, Decline, & Flat Conveying

Packing Industry

  • Machine Tapes & Power Transmission Belts
  • PVC Conveyor & Processing Belts

Panel Board Manufacturing

  • Chip Transfer
  • Forming Belts
  • Pre-Loader
  • Accelerator & Press Loader

Airslide Fabrics – For Gravitational Conveying of Cement, Flour, & Other Powdery Products

  • Woven Airslide Belting
  • Needled Airslide Belting

Food Handling & Processing Industry – USDA/FDA Conveyor Belts in PU, Olefin & other Materials

  • Fabric Belts
  • Solid Woven Cotton Belts
  • Solid Woven Polyester
  • TPU Covered Conveyor Belts
  • Plastic Spiral Laced Belts
  • Frayless Belts
  • Wool Felt Belts

Cookie & Cracker Applications

  • Rotary Cutters & Molders
  • Vertical Bag Pull Belts
  • Dough Feeds, Pan On & Off
  • Cooling, Stacking, & Metal Detection

Bread & Bun Applications

  • Model K Machine
  • Divider & Rounder
  • Molder Top & Bottom
  • Bun Slicer, Make Up Table
  • Depanner Belts
  • Panomat Belt


  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Packing Table & Packaging Machine
  • Guillotines & Turntables
  • Extruder & Depositor Belt

About Us

Since Allied Product Solutions first opened its doors in Atlanta, GA we have earned a reputation as a trusted provider of industrial equipment, from conveyor belts to plastic machine parts to lighting systems. We work to provide commercial and industrial companies with the up-to-date and efficient products they need to meet their daily demands. To find out more about our specialty belt fabrication services, call us today at 770-462-2005.

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